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Looking for an extra pair of hands? We can help increase your platform's visibility, clear out old data, and offer additional training for new team members with our range of additional services.

Ayup Traction

A successful digital directory platform requires both great technology and great people. Our Ayup Traction package compliments your efforts to promote, engage and manage your local platform. Through this package, we can cover the day-to-day management of the platform and its data, departmental engagement and co-design, external VCSE buy-in and adoption, and proactive marketing and promotion.

Ayup Traction helps to build capacity within your team and gives you the confidence that the platform is being managed for the best chance of long-term success. We become an extra pair of hands for your local team as we help you to deliver on:

  • Day-to-day management of all data / update-requests
  • Management of stale data and proactive engagement with community to take ownership of data
  • Stakeholder engagement - both internal and external
  • Hyper local marketing of the platform via traditional marketing, social media, search engine marketing
  • Ongoing accessibility compliance (inc third party content)
  • On-going training as and when required with internal or external partners
  • Weekly check-ins and monthly reporting.

From: £1,500 per month

Data refresh

The data on your platform is crucial to your residents’ digital experience. Making sure service and support data, such as contact information, opening times, eligibility etc, is a really important aspect of building a valuable digital asset for your community. 

Our data refresh work can help report on any data that’s in the platform which hasn’t been updated in a while and identify listings which may be out of date. We can then use this information to carry out a “data spring clean” - removing or updating these listings, and creating an engagement strategy to help get further buy-in and ownership from service owners.

This will help create strong foundations to build upon and continue to develop trust from stakeholders, knowing that data within the platform is up-to-date.

From: £5,000

An example of the freshness traffic light system in the back end of the Ayup Connect platform


Since launching your digital directory platform new team members may have joined, or perhaps existing team members could do with a refresher on how to make the most of the platform. We can provide in-person or virtual training that we can tailor to your specific learning outcomes.

Example topics include:

  • The basics refresher course
  • Content best practices for “gold standard” listings (covering UX, usability and accessibility)
  • Review of day-to-day management tasks/workflows
  • “Champion” sessions to empower stakeholders in engaging with community and onboarding new services/organisations
  • How to formulate a referral strategy with the community

From: £500 per session

Squiggly line joining up pictures of people socialising, a phone box a tree and a document entitled "plan"

Regroup + Propel

Our consultancy service helps you to understand your local digital landscape for community support and services. We work with you to engage both internal and external stakeholders to help us co-produce and imagine better digital services and experiences for your residents. At the same time we help you to identify opportunities for collaboratively working, cost-savings and efficiencies.

  • Reflections on previous performance and uptake
  • Help to identify opportunities for buy-in, engagement and promotion
  • Creation of a platform strategy
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Digital service design

From £5,000

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