Ayup Care

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Ongoing support for your platform

Enjoy confidence that your new directory is being well taken care of, with our Ayup Care package that looks after hosting and infrastructure, as well as crisis management.

We offer comprehensive support and maintenance beyond your “go live”, covering hosting and infrastructure management, first-line support for functional issues and crisis management, ensuring your platform is robust, reliable, and able to continuously support your residents and service providers.

Hosting is provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), with Ayup Care handling the initial infrastructure set-up.

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Ayup Care Features

Ayup Care is a useful addition to the Ayup Connect platform. Find out more here.

Secure and scalable infrastructure

We can setup and deploy your platform onto new or existing Amazon Web Services accounts/sub-accounts, our preferred partner.

Service Level Agreement

An annual support and maintenance service that provides a Service Level Agreement around the platform to ensure it is kept online, that users are supported and that any bugs or issues identified are fixed.

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