Ayup Connect

A single information hub for residents

Residents can easily explore local services, support, information and events on our user-friendly Ayup Connect platform, at the heart of which is a highly customisable directory. 

Co-designed with the community, and aligned with open standards for seamless integration and reliable information, it has the power to become a single source of truth for a range of support and services.

A search box with a bar, a category menu, and another box with options on different kinds of services to search for

Well-being exploration made easy

Residents can narrow their search for services support, information and events using a range of highly relevant filters to produce more targeted results.

An easy-to-use content management system allows local platform managers to create and control information pages, landing pages and on-page content. Service providers have access to add and update their own content, while stale data notifications and traffic light system gives you the tools to ensure service data is up-to-date and relevant.

Adjustable filters

Tags and categories

Custom algorithm

Community hub info box with to two buttons "find local events" and "search for services"

Built by the community, for the community

Without engaging the right people, a digital directory can easily become just another stale website . We take professionals, residents and voluntary service stakeholders on a journey with us to co-design the platform.

In this phase of the deployment, we take the time to understand their needs, experiences and frustrations and come up with ways to cater for them. This all-inclusive, grass roots approach gives the directory the best chance of being used, as residents engage with a true community asset they’ve helped to create.

A flexible frontend allows you to customise your directory and stamp it with the personality of your local area.

Maintaining high standards

The Ayup Connect platform is in sync with open standards like GDS service and API standards, 12 Factor App, A11Y Project, and more. Following the best practices of data interoperability makes it easy for councils, NHS and voluntary sector systems to link into, and out of, our platform.

Not only does this create a seamless platform that’s clear to use, simple to manage and follows best practice guidelines, but it also means Ayup Connect can act as a single source of truth, with support data surfacing on other local front ends.

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Directory of services

A vibrant, user friendly Directory of Services (DoS) front door that allows residents to discover support, services information and guidance that will help them live their best lives.

Powerful search and filtering

Users are able to narrow their search for support via a range of highly relevant filters to produce more targeted results.

Admin area

Easy to use, single point of platform administration for councils, local health systems, VSCEs and professionals to maintain data, access referrals. Incorporating dynamic data schema that allows various types of services, events, info and guidance to be managed.


Powerful API endpoints enabling interoperability and integrations with third-party platforms.

Light touch referrals

A simple and frictionless referral system, allowing self-referral or third-party referrals to services with full integration into notification engines for SMS/emails.

Content management system

An easy-to-use content management system that enables the creation and control over information pages, landing pages and on-page content.

Localised and accessible design

A flexible frontend to allow for complete customisation and embedding in the locality. WCAG 2.0 AA compliant.

Cloud hosting

Via Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Audit logs

Giving full visibility of content versions and history.

Data encryption

All data encrypted at rest and sensitive data additional field level encrypted.

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