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Co-creating a digital extension of your community

Bring all the essential information for your community hubs into one place, for a local asset that has all the look and feel of your local area. Ayup Connect’s landing pages feature allows individual community hubs to create and take ownership of their own digital platforms, providing residents with all the relevant information they need to access hyper-local support.

A picture of the Connected Kingston Homepage which extends off the screen into a larger phone box and tree.
A wavy line connecting pictures of people in the community and an image of the Connected Kingston homepage.

The digital front door to your community hubs

To encourage people to reach out for support, it’s important that they have an assured sense of familiarity. That’s something we work towards from the very beginning of an Ayup Connect directory. We talk to local resident groups and services to learn more about what’s important to them, and how the platform can best reflect their community. This means everyone is on board with the project right from the beginning, and will be more confident in using the directory when live.

The right information to hand

Just like a physical community hub, your digital hubs should be able to effectively support those who come through the front door. For an online directory, that means an accessible design, and a simple way to get to the right information.

Our Landing Pages feature allows you create custom collections of support, services and events that are unique to each individual hub.

An example of a listing on the Ayup Connect platform
An example of the freshness traffic light system in the back end of the Ayup Connect platform, and a box which displays a user record and their flexible permissions.

A single point for multiple services

Flexible admin controls allow service providers to create and update information on their page and listings, while you have control over final approval for quality assurance. By giving ownership to individual services, there is a shared responsibility for maintaining the directory. 

Ayup Connects automations and visual cues prompt action if listing information has not been updated in a while. By hosting all services in one online hub that’s designed to be a user-friendly access points for residents, you don’t need to worry about updating the same information in multiple locations.

Create themes and highlight events

Want to highlight support in colder months, or signpost to a programme of financial aid events? You can bring listings together under one common theme thanks to Ayup Connect’s powerful taxonomies. Tag individuals listings, then create categories which can be highlight on the homepage of your directory, either as a search route or to highlight a particular theme.

4 examples of custom landing pages including Holiday Activities, Support Services, Cost of Living and keeping warm and Parenting Support

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For a better understanding on how we can create a digital community hub that everyone can get behind, contact us and we'd be happy to explain further. 

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