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Organise important services in one place

One of the greatest challenges in connecting people with support, is the pulling together of different information from different places. Ayup Connect creates one centralised hub of information, organising services into categories which are a natural fit.

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A directory built on collaboration

Ayup Connect takes its learnings on what people want from a modern, online directory, and how it should work, from those who will be using it. This includes residents looking for a service, as well as service providers, and other stakeholders, who are updating their information.

Early conversations with stakeholders starts the co-creation process, which will influence the look and feel of the directory, as well as how search functions operate, and whether there are any areas to highlight with their own landing pages.

Shared ownership and responsibility

Rather than having one person or team keeping all the information fresh, the responsibility lies with everyone who contributes, from the commissioning team to all the service providers who populate the directory. Flexible user permissions allow service providers to create their own tiers of content management authority, so only those who need certain access have it.

Your chosen admins, meanwhile, can have total oversight over all of the information to ensure consistency and safeguarding. The result? An enhanced onboarding experience where all parties involved feel they’re able to contribute and take ownership, while you remain in control of quality assurance.

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Showcasing local services

How easy is it for residents to find services in your local area? With multiple directories in different locations, the search can be challenging, meaning those who could be getting support from a service, aren’t getting the help they need. Ayup Connect makes connecting the community to the services that are there for them easy.

All-encompassing taxonomies allow you to tag services, which can then be brought under a connecting category, while custom algorithms make a resident’s search simple, intuitive and relevant to your local area.

Trustworthy data

Because service providers have responsibility for their own information on the directory and the means to upload and manage content, you can be confident that this information is accurate and up to date. Even so, as an added precaution, Ayup Connect’s traffic light system offers a snapshot into information that may need updating.

In addition to this tool, stale data notifications can forewarn you of content that might be due a refresh. Creating one single information point for all services also means a single source of truth, where you can easily manage and update data in one place.

An example of the freshness traffic light system in the back end of the Ayup Connect platform

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