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Getting together for Ayup’s third community meet-up

Hosted by Sutton Council, the community meet-up allowed clients to share ideas and feedback.

By Mike Stephens

On 21st November, we gathered with some of our existing clients in a meeting room at Sutton Council, to talk about what we’re working on at Ayup Digital and discuss any opportunities to work together on things like funding applications.

Meet-ups like this are always really valuable, but we also like to keep them fun (see our values!). Our clients never disappoint, bringing their energy, attention, and good humour to a tightly packed two-hour discussion, fuelled by snacks from the local M&S.

This time around, we welcomed, or should we say Sutton Council welcomed, representatives from Hounslow, Sutton, and Kingston Councils, as well as the newest member of the Ayup community, Bexley Voluntary Service Council (BVSC).

What we talked about

Ayup Connect 2.0

The deployment of Connected Bexley signalled the arrival of Ayup Connect 2.0, providing a blueprint on how to service other localities. With no IT department, we needed to provide a solid framework that was easy to update with flexibility in the visuals.

The feedback from Bexley was that the platform updated so quickly, that it looked like newly added service listings and information had always been there and were not “bolted on”.

Integration with case management systems

With case management systems being adopted widely across London Boroughs we discussed how these worked alongside each of the existing Ayup Connect directories.

It was noted that there was more opportunity to find events in the directories, and because of the localised design, the Ayup Connect platforms acted as a missing link between the front-end and case management as a residence base that can link to referrals.

Meet-up Roundtable

Next up we opened the floor to all our attendees to see how they were using the platform and where they believed there were areas for improvement.

Representatives from Hounslow mentioned how analytics would be able to see not just the traffic numbers of people visiting the directories, but how they were interacting with them once there.

Sutton shared how they were amalgamating information from all other directories into Sutton Information Hub, and how they saw traffic spikes when sending out update emails.

They also shared how they were using features including the traffic light system to ensure information was up to date while sending email nudges to make service providers more proactive in keeping on top of their content.

Working together and product priorities

We touched on how open referral allowed for the easier exchange of data, making integration with case management software easier.

There was a discussion about how we could collaborate on new features that would have a positive impact on all deployments in the future.

Attendees were asked to write down three of their top priorities in terms of product features and functionality for us to take away and consider for our roadmap.

A big thank you to our clients!

Our clients across different sectors bring so much value to our community meet-ups, and it’s something we always look forward to. So we wanted to say a huge thank you once again to those who took time out of their days to join us as Sutton Council, and we very much look forward to the next session in a few month's time.

Ayup's Mike Stephens leaning on a table looking at the camera, holding a white mug

Mike Stephens

Product Director

Mike drives the technical strategy and roadmap for all our products.

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